Easy Ways to Style Built-In Bookshelves

Beautiful built-in shelf styling made easy.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of styling bookshelves always appeared very intimidating. Placing items perfectly all while creating a space that doesn’t appears cluttered. So once we completed our DIY custom built-in bookshelf project, I knew the next step was to decorate them. The overall design style in our home lends itself to a “less is more” vibe, so that is exactly how I decided to approach styling our new custom built-in bookshelves. Here are some suggestions for easy ways to style built in bookshelves

Maintaining a design style:

Just as you would design and decorate a room, your bookshelves play an integral role in that space. Consider the style you have throughout the rest of your room, including color and texture and be sure to incorporate similar components within your shelving.

Selecting the Decor:

Once you’ve composed your color palette, gather the staple decor items within this scheme. I like having more than necessary to begin the process because I treat it like a puzzle, piecing the components together just right. When in doubt, any of the following items will be a sure fire success on your shelves.

Arranging the Decor:

Using an assortment of the above items, I suggest varying your groupings. Combine books with boxes, vases with trays, candles atop a stack of books, etc. Typically the rule of thumb in design is grouping items in odd clusters, but there is also charm in symmetry. Since the length of our shelving wasn’t too long and I did not want to overcrowd each shelf, I opted for symmetry. At the very least, just start! They are all moveable items that can be rearranged.

style built-in bookshelves

Now to just find the perfect pulls for these lower cabinet doors!

style built-in bookshelves

Design doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Decorating should be fun and reflect your personal style and taste. When adding built-in bookshelves to your space consider these easy ways to approach styling your own bookshelves with a “less is more” approach and yield beautiful end results!