Organizing-Controlling the Chaos

set of 3 nesting sea grass baskets for storage and storing from Honey Can Do.

When so much feels out of your control, organizing your home can give you that sense of peace you’re lacking. Christmas can be such an exciting time filled with lots of joy and presents, but if you’re anything like me, you’re wondering, “where the heck am I going to put all these things?!”

Typically each year before Christmas we do the big “binge and purge” of toys. Items they’ve outgrown or not played with in a very long time are either donated, sold, or given to friends. This helps free up some much needed space for any new toys they receive at Christmas.

This year however, in addition to purging some outgrown toys, we prepared our space with some beautiful storage bins and baskets from Honey Can Do to ease the stress of finding a new home for the anticipated batch of new toys.

One of my favorite sets is their Set of 3 Nesting Sea Grass Baskets. This set includes 3 beautiful varying sized baskets, perfect for storing blankets and toys. Not only are they completely functional, they act as a lovely decorative accent too. If the kids are going to store some of their toys in our living room they should definitely be in storage baskets that coordinate with the decor!

On the third floor of our home is our “hang out” space. This bonus room acts as a game room, office and general play area. Lining the hallway are floor to ceiling built-in book shelves that have been the perfect place to store games and toys. Nonetheless, being that they are open shelves, it can look quite messy with things strewn about! However, with the Honey Can Do Explore and Store Bins they are the perfect “catch all” bin to hide and hold any/all the kids toys. From Legos, to trains, Hot Wheels, or even arts & crafts, these fit perfectly on the shelves and give the hallway a nice clean, organized look. If there is a place to put away the toys, the kids will put them there (eventually, and perhaps with a little friendly reminder!).

Grey/Gray collapsable catch-all Explore and Store storage bins for toys and household items from Honey Can Do.

There’s no right or wrong time to start organizing. With the help of all the amazing organizational aids from Honey Can Do you can’t go wrong! Also to ease the stress of getting organized, they are offering my reader’s a 20% off discount at checkout by entering the code: “MEETINGMARY”. Happy Organized Holidays, friends!